A joint occurs where two components meet and may occur within an element of construction or at part of an interface between two elements. Joint sealing facilitates construction, as several components made of different materials are used. Joints allow for needed movement of the materials but must remain water, air, heat, cold and vapor tight. Avoid making mistakes where your building is most vulnerable to leakage – the joint.

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Facade Joints

The facade is the face of your building. In contemporary architecture the facade is of special interest expressed by large dimensions, unconventional shapes,and high material diversity. Joint design is demanding and prone to mistakes. For integral joint specification, following some rough guidelines will result in a long-lasting and tight building envelope.

Floor Joints

Floor joints are a major challenge in both new construction and renovations and have a direct impact on the floor durability and aesthetic appearance. These joints are most apparent between different floor components, at the floor-to-wall connection and around columns and building entrances. The joint sealing system must accommodate movements between building elements and meet various requirements depending on the functions and locations of the joints and their environment exposure.

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