Jinja Uganda

The new Nile bridge which was financed by the Japanese government, is a cable stayed bridge at 500 meters upstream of Nalubaale Dam. The 525 meter-long bridge has a central span of 290 meters, end spans of 135 meters and 100 meters on the east and west banks respectively.It is also the first cable-stayed bridge in East Africa and connects Kenya with the Democratic Republic of Congo.  

Project Requirements

The customer requested a class C 60 concrete, pumpable over a long distance with an initial slump of 240 mm, an extended workability of 60 minutes and a slump at casting of 160 mm.

The bridge was designed with a structural life span of 120 years.

Sika Solutions

Sika® ViscoCrete®-10 NNB, high range water reducing concrete admixture, made it possible to meet these specifications.

Project Participants

Architect: Hyundai Corporation

Zenitaka Corporation (Japan)-Hyundai JV (South Korea)

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