SikaPower® epoxy adhesives are high strength structural adhesives with a new level of toughness providing unmatched fatigue- and impact resistance

The patented SmartCore Technology provides exceptional impact resistance designed to withstand dynamic stresses. It allows Sika to formulate SikaPower® two component cold curing epoxies bridging the performance gap to one component heat curing epoxy systems traditionally used to bond
automotive lightweight structures.

SikaPower® SmartCore epoxy adhesives provide the highest levels of toughness without compromising on mechanical strength and static load capacity. They outperform state-of-the-art epoxy adhesives – either brittle or flexibilized formulations – in terms of durability and fatigue resistance. They are therefore becoming the preferred choice in industries such as commercial transportation (e.g. Agriculture, Rail, Construction etc.), Wind, Appliances and Industrial Equipment. They are designed to withstand high impact energies and elevated dynamic load cycles making them the ideal solution when strong and durable bonds are required.

Key Benefits of SikaPower® SmartCore adhesives

  • Excellent load transfer due to high mechanical strength
  • Superior durability and lifecycle of bonded components
  • Enhanced mechanical strength at elevated temperatures
  • No brittlness at freezing conditions
  • Excellent capability to compensate tolerances in bond line thickness
  • Designed to bond metals, composites and other materials
Structural bonding application with manual gun in a factory

Sika’s unique High Strength Epoxy Adhesives Based on SmartCore Technology

Understanding the environment our customers are working in and the every growing challenges that come with that Sika is providing innovative solutions enabling our customers to produce more durable and safer components to withstand harsh environental conditions.
With SikaPower® SmartCore epoxy adhesives Sika is focusing on improving durability of high strength bonds without compromising on peak mechanical performance. Thus, Sika’s epoxy adhesives are becoming the preferred choice in highly dynamic environments where bonded components are subjected to constantly high loads and movement. We understand that the world is constantly moving and therefore you are perfectly equipped to conquer your own challenges with using SikaPower® SmartCore adhesives.

Key Features of SikaPower® SmartCore adhesives 

  • Exceptional energy absorption capacity
  • Excellent crack resistance
  • Superior fatigue performance
  • Improved elongation at break
  • Unmatched impact resistance
"Sika - your innovative partner for epoxy adhesives with SmartCore technology for curable bonding of structural bomponents. "
Grafic showing energy absorption for Sturctural adhesive Smartcore products

Over the course of modern history, new epoxy systems with improved toughness have emerged. Most of them claiming to have superior toughness over conventional epoxy systems.
However, the achieved level of toughness strongly correlated with the elastic modulus: the increased toughness of classic 2C epoxy adhesives resulted in non-desired drop of stiffness and capability to carry high mechanical loads.
SikaPower® SmartCore adhesives break this correlation and provide an excellent combination of both static load capability and resistance to dynamic stresses.

Illustration diagram SmartCore

SikaPower® SmartCore adhesvies provide unmatched impact resistance. In the automotive industry the dynamic impact peel test is an established method to determine the toughness of an adhesive on steel substrates.

Benchmark studies suggest that our epoxy adhesives provide superior toughness without compromising on mechanical strength when compared to commercially available epoxy adhesives used in the market today.

The products benchmarked are not exceeding medium toughness without reduction of mechanical performance. Sika clearly sets new standards in terms of highly Toughened structural epoxy adhesives.

Illustration structural bonnding SmartCore

SikaPower® SmartCore epoxy adhesives are used in demanding environments where highest levels of resistance to constant dynamic loads (fatigue resistance) are required. Our structural epoxy adhesives are designed to survive up to 10’000’000 cycles.

Therefore, SikaPower® SmartCore adhesives form strong and durable bonds, elevating the overall performances and safety standards of lightweight structures in many different industries including Wind, Rail, Agriculture etc..