Timber and teak decks are of functional and esthetical importance. Since maritime conditions are very harsh, watertight, Hi-UV-resistant deck caulking adhesive and sealants are absolutely essential

Bedding, Caulking and Teak Deck Bonding

deck to hull bonding of a super yacht

Bedding and Bonding Panels and Sheet Material

Sikaflex®-298 is a low-viscous, yet thixotropic full-bodied adhesive that has been specially formulated for the waterproof, flexible bonding of timber strip decking, deck planking, plastic deck coverings and prefabricated timber deck panels. The product is very easy to work with, and supplies professional results every time. The permanently elastic adhesive layer has a cushioning effect, absorbs shocks and minimises the transmission of impact sound. 


Bonding applications
Decks (timber)
Ant-slip deck coverings

Deck Caulking on Leisure Boats and Yachts

For timber and teak decks that need to be completely watertight and weather-resistant, Sika has developed Sikaflex®-290 DC PRO. This extremely easy-to-use, Hi-UV-resistant, one component polyurethane deck-caulking compound can, once cured, be flush-sanded with the deck to supply a beautifully neat, clean finish.
Sika's Marine Teak Deck Maintenance System preserves and cares for new and weathered teakwood as well as for all other kinds of wood applied above the waterline. Sikaflex®-290 DC PRO and Sikaflex®-298 are major elements of Sika's Totally Glued Teak Decking System.

Caulking Applications
Deck Caulking
Deck levelling and bedding

two men's applying adhesive to caulk the deck