Structural bonding adhesives from Sika are capable to support high mechanical stresses in order to prevent the possibility of joint fracture due to impact or crushing forces

Structural Bonding Solutions for Leisure Boats and Yachts

Structural adhesives: Sikaflex®-292i and SikaForce®

For quick and easy application, Sika has developed the Sikaflex® 292i, a one-component structural adhesive capable of withstanding high mechanical loads over a wide adhesion range. It is suitable for dynamic stresses in structural applications. Another of its features is its versatility to bond different materials used in the marine industry such as wood, metals and plastics (GRP or ABS).

Sika also offers 2-component structural adhesives: The SikaForce® range, characterized by its durability, fatigue resistance and excellent adhesion to plastics and composite materials; and the SikaFast® range, characterized by its very fast cure combined with high strength, chemical resistance and excellent adhesion to metals, thermoset composites and most thermoplastics.

Man performing a deck to hull application on a yacht

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