Resistant to weathering and seawater, Sika sealants are the perfect all-rounders for exterior applications. Interior sealants are ideal to seal furnishings and fittings on ships, yachts and sailing boats

Exterior Sealing in Marine Construction

External Sealing with Sika sealants on a yacht

Sealants for Exterior Sealing Applications

Resistant to weathering and seawater, Sikaflex®-591 is the perfect all-rounder: an all-purpose flexible marine hybrid sealant that bonds extremely well to all standard materials used in boat construction. Its outstanding elasticity ensures a durable, long-lasting seal alike all other Sikaflex® Marine sealants and adhesives. Sikaflex®-295 UV features 1-C, easy to apply, high elastomeric characteristics.

Sealing applications
Chain plates
Deck Fittings and Hardware
Ports, etc.

Best Recommended Products for Exterior Sealing of Ships and Boats