SikaBit® PRO P-45 G-0 MG

Plastomeric Modified Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane

SikaBit® PRO P-45 G-0 MG is an APP modified, bituminous, torch-applied, waterproofing membrane. It is reinforced with a dimensionally stable non-woven polyester inlay. The underside has a thin polyethylene burn-off film for easy application. It can be applied to wood, metal and concrete substrates including over existing bitumen roofing membranes. Top surface finish: mineral granules. Weight: ~4,5 kg/m²

  • Good watertightness
  • Good elongation and cold flexibility
  • Good mechanical properties (tensile, tear, shear)
  • Good resistance to impact
  • Easy to install by torching method
  • Choice of primers to suit substrate and weather conditions