“BIM is described in many ways, but at heart it is a collaborative way of working, supported by software tools that make information about buildings available and analysable”.

Source : NBS International BIM Report 2016.

 “BIM is essentially value creating collaboration through the entire lifecycle of an asset, underpinned by the creation, collation and exchange of shared 3D models and intelligent, structured data attached to them.”

Source : BIM Government Task Group.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling is essentially evolution of the Construction Industry. Industry has been evolving for years, with new innovation, machines and automated production. Now the Construction industry needs to catch up.

BIM is not owned by anyone, it is not CAD or a single piece of software. BIM is a process, a new way of working and requires various tools, applications and a combination of software packages.

The ultimate goals are to; increase the quality & performance buildings, improve communication / collaboration between all parties throughout the building lifecycle, reduce costs, reduce the potential risks/liabilities for all involved with use of pre-site simulations and clash detection.

BIM is a process

All stakeholders are involved and work together on one 3D Building Information Model, which ensures coordinated planning with less failures and better managed interfaces.

BIM process

Sika Roofing & BIM

As a market leading manufacturer Sika Roofing has a responsibility to stay ahead of the curve and give all parties the best chance of embracing BIM. Architects and designers rely on manufacturers to create structured & compliant BIM objects that can be easily
dropped into their 3D models and plans.

This is why Sika Roofing, working alongside the established NBS, was the first flat roofing supplier to provide objects through the NBS National BIM Library, back in 2013 – 25 in total for Sika Sarnafil. As BIM modelling became more co-ordinated amongst construction disciplines, we also launched a selection of Sarnafil rainwater outlet accessories.

Again, we were the first flat roofing supplier on the NBS National BIM Library to take this step and are always planning the development of more roofing accessories to meet the increasing ‘Levels of Detail’ required through the BIM life cycle.