Challenges and Megatrends

The commitment to sustainable development demanded by the global challenges and megatrends has precipitated changes in the economic environment. Buildings, infrastructure facilities, installations and vehicles are now constructed and used differently from in the past. Low-energy houses and cars, for example, are increasingly becoming the norm. The rising demand for sustainable products is changing both Sika’s target markets and the requirements placed on its products. Sika is determined to help shape these change processes proactively through innovation.

Sustainably Developed Products

Top priority is given here to sustainably developed and manufactured products that enhance durability and promote the efficient use of energy, water and materials. The following challenges are particularly relevant to Sika:

  • Climate change and regulation of the carbon economy
  • Population growth and urbanization
  • Energy costs and repercussions for climate
  • Raw materials
  • Water shortages as well as poor water quality


Climate Change and regulation of the Carbon Economy

The earth’s climate is changing faster than ever before. The consequences are manifold and affect us all.

The demand for natural resources is increasing, driven by a growing population and higher spending power.

Water Shortages

Water is the oil of the 21st century. With growing population, urbanisation and climate change, it is becoming a scarce commodity.


There are few projects on which more money is spent than on the construction and maintenance of infrastructure.